News Archive [06/17/06 ]

04-AUG-04 Began a new Public Beta for a calculator emulator: HP16C
20-JUN-04 Added a console command-line version of Desktop Restore
13-JUN-04 Re-added an older version of MIDI-OX that will install on Windows 95.
01-MAR-04 Update to Desktop Save and Restore released.
13-DEC-03 MIDI-OX 7.0 has been publicly released: Download
11-DEC-03 MIDI-OX 7.0 RC3
30-NOV-03 MIDI-OX 7.0 Release Candidate
26-OCT-03 MIDI-OX 6.7 Beta 7.
19-OCT-03 MIDI-OX 6.7 Beta 6.  
19-OCT-03 Added some info about GigaStudio and MIDI Yoke to the FAQ
16-OCT-03 MIDI-OX 6.7 Beta 5.
28-SEP-03 MIDI-OX 6.7 Beta 4.  
15-JUL-03 I apologize in advance, but due to mass mailings of viruses and spams, we have had to mask all visible emails on the MIDIOX  website.  You can still send mail, but you'll need to remove the string "_REMOVE_" from before sending.  We have been absolutely inundated, and hope you will understand why we made this change.
13-JUN-03 MIDI-OX 6.7 Beta 3.  
03-JUN-03 MIDI-OX 6.7 Beta 2.
29-MAY-03 Began another public Beta for MIDI-OX.
22-APR-03 New version of Desktop Save and Restore released.
02-FEB-03 Added some more info about Logic and MIDI Yoke to the FAQ
04-JAN-03 MIDI-OX 6.5.1 was released.
01-JAN-03 MIDI-OX 6.5.1 RC3 has been released
31-DEC-02 MIDI-OX 6.5.1 RC2 has been released
18-DEC-02 MIDI-OX 6.5.1 RC has been released
18-DEC-02 Added some info about MIDI Yoke Installation to the FAQ
17-OCT-02 Added some info about Logic and MIDI Yoke to the FAQ
01-SEP-02 MIDI-OX 6.5 has been released.
29-AUG-02 MIDI-OX 6.5 RC4 is available.
26-AUG-02 MIDI-OX 6.5 RC3 is available.
20-AUG-02 MIDI-OX 6.5 RC2 is available.
19-AUG-02 MIDI-OX 6.5 Release Candidate is available.
25-JUL-02 MIDI-OX 6.4.9 BETA 7 is available.
21-JUL-02 MIDI-OX 6.4.8 BETA 6 is available.
13-JUL-02 MIDI-OX 6.4.7 BETA 5 is available.
30-JUN-02 MIDI-OX 6.4.6 BETA 4 is available.
15-JUN-02 MIDI-OX 6.4.5 BETA 3 is available.
08-JUN-02 MIDI-OX 6.4.4 BETA 2 is available.
25-MAY-02 Began a new Public BETA
04-APR-02 Added link to CWAF 3.0.1 (New version)
30-MAR-02 Updated the Forum software
19-FEB-02 MIDI-OX 6.4.2 is released.
19-FEB-02 Updated the FAQ and added some basic tutorial material.
16-SEP-01 Released a new utility application: Desktop Save and RestoreSave and restore the layout of the Windows desktop icons.
20-AUG-01 Released an update for the MIDI Yoke NT driver.
17-AUG-01 Reworked the web-site color scheme.
15-AUG-01 Created a new on-site MIDI-OX Forum, that has many more capabilities than the old one.  You can access the new forum from the Forum Link on the frame. 
12-AUG-01 One of our commercial users has created an Editor/Librarian for the Alesis MidiVerb 4, that uses the MIDI-OX COM Interface for its engine.  You can check it out at: PowerMidiVerb4.
07-AUG-01 Added a new VB6 Scripting sample: MOXArp.
06-AUG-01 Released an update for the MIDI Yoke NT driver.  The new version presents 8 virtual ports.
22-JUL-01 Revised the Commercial License page to repair the invalid certificate message.
07-JUL-01 MIDI-OX 6.4.1 is released.
05-JUL-01 Updated VBClient sample to work with new COM scripting interface.
04-JUL-01 MIDI-OX 6.4 is released.
30-JUN-01 MIDI-OX 6.4 Release Candidate is available.  
23-JUN-01 MIDI-OX Beta 3 is available.  Added some additional MIDI Yoke information to the FAQ
20-JUN-01 MIDI-OX Beta 2 is available.
15-JUN-01 Added MIDI-OX Beta Page.
04-JUN-01 Added some small Logo Bitmaps for general use.
20-MAY-01 Added pictorial installation series for Win 98 and Win 2000.
19-MAY-01 Added an integrated public discussion forum. Anyone can read or post messages: there's no requirement to register or join.
16-MAY-01 MIDI-OX 6.3  has been released. 
18-APR-01 MIDI-OX 6.2  was released.
05-APR-01 Added the web Store page to help defray web-site expenses.
30-MAR-01 The MIDI-OX web-site has been moved to a commercial site to increase reliability.
23-JAN-01 MIDI-OX 6.1.4 was released.
04-DEC-00 MIDI-OX 6.1.3 was released.
04-DEC-00 Special introductory pricing of MIDI-OX is offered.  For a limited time, obtain a lifetime license for $49: Purchase License  
20-OCT-00 We have added a MIDI-OX License page, to facilitate the purchase of Commercial Licenses.  
15-OCT-00 MIDI-OX 6.1.2 has been released.
28-SEP-00 XGC 1.0 has been released and brought on-site: XGC
23-SEP-00 MIDI Yoke. Minor enhancements to MIDI Yoke driver. Get the update: MIDI Yoke
23-SEP-00 MIDI-OX 6.1 was released.
03-JUL-00 MIDI-OX 6.0.5 was released.
15-JUN-00 MIDI-OX 6.0.4 was released.
04-JUN-00 MIDI-OX 6.0.3 was released.
04-JUN-00 A VB6 sample has been added: Get it
26-MAR-00 MIDI-OX 6.0.2 was released.
15-JAN-00 MIDI-OX 6.0.1 was released.
10-DEC-99 MIDI-OX 6.0 was released.
20-APR-99 As you can see, we've moved our web-site.
21-FEB-99 MIDI Yoke Update. Minor enhancements and repairs to MIDI Yoke drivers.
02-JAN-99 A MIDI and Audio FAQ has been added. Check it out: FAQ
20-JUL-98 If you have Yamaha XG equipment, be sure to check out Jerry Jorgenrud's XGC editor.


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