MIDI-OX License

  We have had requests from developers and professional musicians to make it easier to obtain a commercial MIDI-OX license.  I suppose that if we are going to require that commercial entities are licensed, the least we can do is to simplify the process.  This page is an answer to that request.
  We require that people using MIDI-OX in a commercial capacity obtain a license for it.  This has the added benefit of allowing us to improve and support the product. Each MIDI-OX license is valid for life: all future upgrades are covered.
Secure Ordering
  We have arranged with SWREG to accept secure credit card orders.  You can also pay for MIDI-OX licenses via phone, check, fax, and PayPal.  See their main page at SWREG for details about alternate ordering options.    
License Options
  The normal price for a license is $79.00, but for a limited time there is an introductory offer price of $48.95 per copy. You can add a MIDI-OX license to the shopping cart by choosing any one of the following options.  For more information and secure purchase, click on Order Now below:
License Price    
Single user license $48.95  [save over $30]
5-user license $218.95  [save over $155]
10-user license $408.95  [save over $340]
15-user license $598.95  [save over $535]
Site-license $898.95  [save over $600]
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