XGC is What?

If you don't know what "XG" means then you have absolutely no interest in this software.

XGC came into existence primarily to work with user patches on my Yamaha SW60XG. In the process of implementing this functionality, many of the capabilities of current XG editors were duplicated. However, it is mainly focused on the capabilities of the 50 and 60 series and does not implement any of the extended features found on the higher end Yamaha XG modules. It only works with 16 parts, for example, and only deals with the FX and patches available in the lesser XG units, specifically the SW60.

The install is a standard Windows installation that creates a program group, sets up icons, and has un-install capabilities. XGC is self-contained and no system files are added or changed during the installation.

What's New?

-- 1.0 --
Optional system integration added -- sysex files can be associated with the program. Minor tweaks here and there.

-- RC5 --
Aside from minor modifications the main addition to RC5 is for mousers. Holding down the right mouse button over a control pops up a slider for fast and visual modification to the value of the control.

Download XGC

If you have suggestions or comments email them to Jerry Jorgenrud.

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