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Welcome to MIDI-OX, the world's greatest all-purpose MIDI Utility!  For those with time on their hands, you can read a brief history of MIDI-OX and how it came by its name. We have also included a general description of the utility and change history. The rest of you will want to grab the latest version and get right to work.   MIDI-OX was created by Jamie O'Connell and Jerry Jorgenrud.

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Donate via PayPal or Credit Card. Your contribution will help us acquire new and updated programming tools to allow continued MIDI-OX development. It costs quite a bit of money each year to acquire Software Development Kits, Compiler updates, and Test equipment. Donations will also help cover ongoing costs of the MIDI-OX Web site maintenance and development. If you can possibly help out, please do so.
MIDI-OX 7.0 has been released:
Download: MIDI-OX 7.0.2


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Scripting sample  A Visual Basic 6 sample that demonstrates how to use the MIDI-OX scripting engine.
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29-JAN-11 A MIDI-OX update has been initiated.
17-JUN-10 A MIDI-OX Beta update has been initiated.
30-NOV-09 HP16C Emulator 2.1 has been released.
06-APR-08 HP16C Emulator 2.0 has been released.
23-SEP-07 Updated MIDI Yoke NT driver.
31-DEC-06 Updated MIDI Yoke NT driver.
01-DEC-06 Updated MIDI Yoke NT driver.
17-JUN-06 Added user submitted MF2T enhanced converters.
17-JUN-06 Added new user submitted VB6 sample program.
16-NOV-05 The HP16C Emulator has been released.
09-AUG-05 Updated MIDI Yoke NT driver and installer.
News Archive
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Many pharmacies operate using software with certain characteristics, a well-known pharmacy uses the Windows operating system, so they need software compatible with this system to sell Cialis Professional.

MIDI-OX is a Windows 95/NT program (also Win98/Me/2000/XP/Vista). It is a 32 bit program which will not operate under earlier versions of Windows. MIDI-OX is a multi-purpose tool: it is both a diagnostic tool and a System Exclusive librarian. It can perform filtering and mapping of MIDI data streams. It displays incoming MIDI streams, and passes the data to a MIDI output driver or the MIDI Mapper. You can generate MIDI data using the computer keyboard or the built-in control panel. You can even record and log MIDI data and then convert it to a Standard MIDI File for playback by a sequencer. Some additional information is available in the MIDI and Audio FAQ.
MIDI-OX is copyrighted freeware.

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MIDI-OX Scripting

Among other features, MIDI-OX 6.0 now has a COM interface that can be accessed from any language that supports COM, including Visual Basic, C++ and Windows Script Host (WSH). WSH is installed as part of Win98 and can be obtained from the Microsoft web site if you are using Win95.  See Microsoft Scripting Technologies for version 5.6 of WSH. This is more recent than the version supplied with Windows 98.   WSH comes with scripting engines for VBScript and JScript and third-party engines are available for other languages such as Python and Perl.
As of version 4.6, a new COM Interface has been implemented.  MIDI-OX is now an out of process server.  The scripting interface should work under Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 (finally!).

VB6 Demo Sample

Jerry Jorgenrud has created a Visual Basic 6 sample that demonstrates how to use the new scripting engine. Download Now: VB6 Scripting sample

VB6 MIDI Keys Sample

Mr-Yellow has submitted an installable VB program to convert Keystrokes to MIDI Notes: MIDI Keys.  His text notes:
"Wrote a Keyboard shortcut to MIDI app using MIDIOx and VB. 
It grabs key combinations (regardless of focus) and outputs MIDI."

The VB project source code is available too: MIDI Keys Source.

VB6 Arpeggiator Sample

A MIDI-OX Arpeggiator has been developed as a Visual Basic 6 sample that demonstrates how to use the COM scripting engine. 

The package includes a compiled exe, so you can use MOXArp.exe even if you don't have VB6, as long as you have the VB6 runtime installed. 

Download Now: MOXArp sample


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MidimonMIDI-OX started out as a sample program written by Microsoft in 1991 called Midimon. Midimon achieved a certain measure of fame over the years because of an error in its .DEF file that prevented it from being built. Jamie published a corrected and slightly enhanced version of Midimon on CompuServe shortly thereafter. A few years ago, Jerry joined with him to continue to develop and enhance the original program. When Windows 95 came out, we developed 32 bit and 16 bit versions of the program in parallel. Eventually, awash in #ifdefs, we decided to split off further development into a single Win32 program. At that time we distinguished between the two programs by calling them MIDIOX16 and MIDIOX32. Now that there really is only one program, we are just calling it MIDI-OX. We changed the name from Midimon because there is virtually none of the original code left anymore. The only legacy is the original idea of monitoring MIDI data.
The "OX" part of the name came about for two reasons. First, in the world of 8.3 file names we wanted a name that included "MIDI" and "16" or "32", leaving just two letters to work with! Second, we do consider the program a beast of burden hauling the data, so it kind of fit. Besides, Jamie already had written MIDI Yoke, and its relationship to MIDI-OX is similar to the yoke on a team of oxen, so there it is.

MIDI-OX Change History

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When possible, please use the MIDI-OX forum to ask questions.  Other users can benefit from the answers and you may find the answer to your question already given.
The authors will make every attempt to consider suggestions and comments, and address bug reports.  This is freeware though, so be nice!
NOTE: You can send mail, but you'll need to remove the string "_REMOVE_" from before sending.  We have been absolutely inundated, and hope you will understand why we made this change.

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Logo Images

If you want to link your site to MIDI-OX, please link to the web-site itself rather than any page or file on the site: Doing that will link to this page.
You can freely copy or use the following logo bitmap to link to:
moxlogo.gif 140x34
Hint: Right-click the image and choose 'Save Picture As...'
Here is HTML you could use to link the image to MIDI-OX:
<a href=""><img src="moxlogo.gif" alt="MIDI-OX"></a>

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Text To MIDI

A fellow from the Netherlands, Piet Van Oostrum, has created a pair of nifty file converters. One, MF2T, translates Standard MIDI Files into an editable ASCII text format; and the other, T2MF converts it back. MIDI-OX has been able to log its output to a text file for sometime, but we've added an option to log the data in a format compatible with the T2MF program.
When you enable logging in Text to MIDI format, the program zeros the timestamps on any open MIDI devices, creates a text file header, and then waits for the first MIDI event to arrive. After it does, recording begins and continues until logging is disabled � at which time the log adds trailer information. The output can be passed directly into the T2MF program. You can download DOS versions of the programs (they will work under Windows 95), as well as the source code, directly from Piet Van Oostrums site:
MIDI to Text Converters
MF2T and T2MF: MF2T.ZIP (65K) Download Now
Source code: MF2TSRC.ZIP (42K) Download Now
Mats Peterson has some updated Win32 versions of the utilities available from his web-site.  Look under Windows Software: Mats Peterson
Ying-Da Lee has submitted some enhanced versions of these utilities which will operate under Windows XP: - contains Midi2Mtx-Installer.exe and
Readme1st.txt. - contains source files of Midi2Mtx. - contains Mtx2Midi-Installer.exe and
Readme1st.txt. - contains source files of Mtx2Midi. - contains a straight port of the original mf2t/t2mf.
The pair actually work on Windows 95 also. I suspect
they will work on anything newer than Windows 95 but haven't
actually tested them. - source files of mf2tXP/t2mfXP.


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