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Windows Installer Update
Important: We are now using a new installer for MIDI-OX: the MS Windows Installer.  It requires that the Windows installer exist on the machine.  It is already installed on the vast majority of machines, but if you need an update check here:
Windows 95, 98, Me: 
Windows Installer Update
Windows NT,  2000 (XP is already up to date):

Windows Installer Update

If you get any of these messages during install you need the Windows Installer Update:

Error 0 running command msiexec.exe /i moxsetup.msi

This installation package cannot be installed by the Windows installer service. You must install a Windows service pack that contains a newer version of the Windows installer service.

MIDI-OX is contained in a self-extracting Windows archive: MIDIOXSE.EXE. After you've downloaded MIDIOXSE.EXE to a local directory, it should be executed to start the installation process.
If you are asked whether to Repair or Remove MIDI-OX, choose Remove and then run the self-extracting installer again to install the latest update.
MIDI-OX 7.0.2 (917K 17-JUN-10) Download
MIDI-OX change history

Previous Version

In case anyone needs it, here are some previous MIDI-OX versions:
MIDI-OX 7.0 (801K 12-13-03) Download
MIDI-OX 6.2 (1.2M 04-12-01) Download  [This one will install on Win 95]


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