MIDI Yoke Update - Windows 2000

Please follow the directions carefully to successfully update MIDI Yoke NT to the 8 port version.

You will first need to de-install MIDI Yoke NT, then reboot and physically remove myokent.dll before installing the new version.  If you don't reboot or remove the old driver, the old driver is loaded by the installer during configuration, and you will not get the additional ports.

1) De-Install MIDI Yoke NT

Use the Windows 2000 control panel applet, Add/Remove Hardware to deinstall MIDI Yoke NT.  You can view a pictorial series of steps for Deinstallation of MIDI Yoke NT.

2) Reboot the Machine

It is not possible to delete the driver after un-installing it because Windows still has it loaded.  In order to delete the driver you must first reboot the machine.

3) Delete the old myokent.dll driver

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Windows 2000 System32 directory (normally: \WINNT\SYSTEM32), and locate myokent.dll.  Select the file and press Delete to send it to the recycle bin (or just delete it permanently).  Deletion Example.

4) Install the new MIDI Yoke NT driver

You may now use the Windows 2000 control panel applet, Add/Remove Hardware to install a fresh MIDI Yoke NT driver.  A pictorial series based on the new driver is available:  MIDI Yoke NT Installation.