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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with various interests of mine. The information is divided into the following categories:
MIDI Sites
Audio Sites
Sampler Resources
Programming Resources
Music Resources
Music Composers

MIDI Sites

Various MIDI, software and music sites that I find useful.
Cakewalk Official, supported site.
SmartLoops Frank Basile's cool program: MIDI and audio loops.
Doepfer Great MIDI Controllers.
Alan Myers A colleague. Good CAL collection.
Sonic Spot Freeware, Shareware and low cost MIDI Tools.
MAZ Sound Tools Various Tools.
MMA home page MIDI Manufacturers Association.
MIDI Composers' Exchange Original MIDI music files from various composers.
Harmony Central An Internet Resource for Musicians.
The Synth Zone MIDI resources & Synthesizer sounds list.
Ableton Makers of LIVE.
MusicLab Makers of fine MIDI Plug-ins.
Dash Music Resources Sound Fonts and Reaktor Synths.
The MIDI Farm Internet MIDI resources and information.
MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center What it says.
The Midi Archive Collection - FTP.
KeyKit Download Site MIDI construction software.
YAMAHA European Home Page The very cool XG line of synthesizers.
SoundTrek Makers of the indispensable JAMMER Professional. MIDI Utilities and Products.
FlexiMusic MIDI Utilities and Products.
Marble Sound Maple MIDI Tools: Virtual Drivers and more.
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Audio Sites

These sites deal primarily with sound and audio, but maybe also MIDI.

Csound Software. FTP site: Csound for several platforms.
Princeton Sound Kitchen. Educational Sound Freeware.
DigiFreq Resources for the Computer Musician.
ProRec Resources for the Recording Professional.
Voyager Sound.  Mixing technologies.
The Schematic Connection. Schematics for Guitar Amplifiers and Synthesizers.
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Sampler Resources

These sites deal with Hardware Samplers and Sounds.

E-MU Website Top-of-the-line hardware samplers.
TweakHeadz Lab Useful Info/Sample CD's.
Wizoo - Music Technology  Sample CD's.
Sonic Implants Great Samples and Loops for many platforms.
Sounds Online Large Sample CD distributor.
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Programming Resources

These sites relate to various aspects of Programming Computers.

The Python Language A very cool scripting language.
Windows Script Host Microsoft's scripting technology.
CodeGuru Very good Windows programming resource.
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Music Resources

These sites relate to various aspects of Performing Music.

Piano Lesson Online Very good site about learning Piano/Keyboards.
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Music Composers

These sites are created and maintained by MIDI and Audio Composers and practitioners.  In most cases they are people I've spoken to or worked with.  In many cases there are original MIDI and Audio files available to check out and download.

Dave Johnston Great songwriter and musician
Keyboard Wizard Michael K. Walthius' excellent MIDI Files.
John Compton A great songwriter and singer, I've worked and recorded with.
Mehmet Okonsar Pianist Composer Electronic, aleatoric and fractal music site.
The Music of Jim Lynch Great Original MIDI Files.
bobby prince Music Another great computer games and music site.
Deep Space Records Kenni Fink (the Outcast).
Bruce Richardson Bruce Richardson's web site.
Game Music and Sound Design Center Lee Jackson's web site.  MIDI files, Cakewalk panels.
JamSync Home Page Index K. K. Proffitt's Studio.
Leitmotif Noel and Ramona Borthwick.
James Christensen A colleague and friend. 
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This is a list of miscellaneous sites that I find interesting. You might or might not agree.
Great Winsock Software. Freeware and Shareware.
Web Pages That Suck. Some suggestions.
RaLF. Cal Schenkel's web-site.
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