FM MIDI Synth driver Version 2.14

Copyright (c) 1993-1995 by Jamie O'Connell

The FM MIDI Synth driver is a replacement driver for sound cards that implement FM synthesis. It features an extensive MIDI implementation as well as support for loadable instrument banks and a Control Panel applet for run-time configuration of driver parameters. It is designed to work with as many different sound cards from various manufacturers as possible.

Version 2.14 Bug Fixes:

Current Bank setting Repaired the retention of the Current Bank.
Timbre transpose offset Timbres now correctly use a supplied pitch offset

Version 2.12 New Things:

New voice allocation: A new algorithm has been implemented, that chooses the oldest "off" voice when picking the next free voice to use.

Version 2.10 New Things:

Multiple Driver Openings Several programs can now share FM Synth Support for Channel and Key Aftertouch
More efficient MIDI handling The driver's response has been improved while the run-time size has been reduced.
New Percussion Algorithm Better sounding percussion
Some Patches Revised Certain Instruments have been improved.
New Help File The FM Synth help file has been expanded and enhanced, thanks to Jerry Jorgenrud CIS [75060,1040].
Optional MIDI Mapper Setup The driver installation offers to automatically add a new MIDI Mapper setup, while preserving any existing Mapper setup.

The following files should be include in this ZIP file:

FMSYNTH.DRV The driver.
FMCFG.DLL Driver configuration library
FMTASK.EXE FM Synth run-time task.
FMSYNTH.HLP The Windows help file.
ADDMAPFM.EXE Installation Program to append MIDI Mapper Setup
ADDMAPFM.EXE Recorder Macro.
OEMSETUP.INF Windows Driver installation information file.
FMSYNTH.WRI A Windows Write file with installation instructions.
FMSYN.CAL Cakewalk Pro CAL routine
FMSYNTH.DRM Cakewalk Pro Dump request Macros
WJFM.INI WinJammer and WinJammer Pro SysEX request macros
STMB.H C header file detailing FM Synth API
STMB.PAS Pascal file detailing FM Synth API
SYSEX.TXT Text file describing System Exclusive messages
README.TXT This file.
VENDOR.TXT Vendor Information.


Windows 95

Under Windows 95, install the FM Synth driver via the Control Panel 'Add New Hardware' applet. Answer 'No' to searching for hardware. Choose Sound, video and game controllers. Choose 'Have Disk'. Browse to the directory containing the installation files (MIDIYOKE.DRV and OEMSETUP.INF). Press OK...

During installation a configuration dialog is presented. The dialog allows you to specify the I/O Port address for the Card and the FM Synth Chip type. Almost all modern FM Synthesizers are of the OPL3 type -- the other settings are for older cards.

Windows 3.1

For Windows 3.1+ install the FM Synth driver via the Control Panel Drivers Applet. You can also access the settings dialog from this applet.

Other Information

FMSYN.CAL, is a CAL program that will launch the FM Synth applet from within Cakewalk. It requires Cakewalk for Windows version 2.0 (or above), and can be easily bound to a key sequence for quick launching.

FMSYN.DRM, is a set of DRMs (Dump Request Macros) for getting System Exclusive information from the driver. In order to use it, just insert the file into your WINCAKE.INI file. Ensure that you have the "FM Synth (jwo) SysEx Input" driver selected as one of the MIDI Input drivers. The Macros work with all versions of Cakewalk Professional forWindows.

WJFM.INI, details request macros for getting SysEx dump information using WinJammer and WinJammer Pro sequencers.

STMB.H and STMB.PAS, are C and Pascal header files. They detail the FM Synth API for getting and setting driver information.

SYSEX.TXT, details the System Exclusive implementation for the FM Synth driver.

Jamie O'Connell


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